Top Home Design Ideas with Pictures

You are waiting very much to know the top home decorating and design ideas especially if it comes with the pictures because this way will be very helpful for you. In everybody’s mind, when they are building for a new home, its design both interior and exterior is the attempt they need to think in advance so that they will have the best home as the result. In my opinion, no matter its design, during it can answer your need and want, it can be included as the ideal home. However people need something more than only answering the need, they need something that have aesthetic look in their home. Thus top home design ideas are needed for it. Here we suggest you some popular and top home design ideas.

Most Popular Home Designs

Urban Home Style

The first top home design ideas you can consider is the urban home style. Urban home is the way of a modern home with its simple but cozy look. White and such neutral color are recommended for this choice. The modern sofa and its glass coffee table will ornate your living room area with a cool electric fire place.

County Style

For the top home design ideas, you also can consider to have other different choice with the urban style home such as having traditional home or country style home. With this top home design, your fire place will be the storage for the logs and the choose of its traditional sofa with wooden coffee table is good for its living room. Country style offers more traditional look through every pieces of furniture and decor. Aged log or wood will be focal point, plus little bit rustic metal material as well.

Asian Home Style

For another attractive option, you can consider to have Asian home style. The pottery are dominant there with big Chinese pottery and this way will be very antique there. Red and orange will be the dominant color for these top home design ideas. Bamboo drapes and Asian engraved sculpture will be good as the accessories for this home style. After those interesting top home design choices, now your task is choosing it based on your want. For more detail inspiration, the cool pictures about top home design are provided in our gallery.