Modern Wood Fireplace Mantel

A wood material will revamp your living room atmosphere through fireplace mantel. It is good idea for you if you want to redecorate your lovely living room. New fireplace mantel will bring a new great atmosphere into any room in your home. Fireplace shelves are divided into two types, the first one is mantel shelves and the second one is open shelves. By adding fireplace mantel wood will influence to your mood in home. You will feel comfortable stay at home because any room in your home has a great atmosphere and beautiful look. It is one of the best ideas that you have to consider to change existing fireplace in your home with fireplace mantel design wood. Fireplace mantels are made of varieties materials such as metal, stone, and tempered glass. But many homeowners generally use fireplace mantel made by wood.

Before you get wood fireplace mantel, you have to measure the location that you would like to use for fireplace mantel and also the shelves should be as long as fireplace mantel design. You would better use a longer shelf than shorter one because generally the shelves are 50-90 inches. Things that you have to pay attention before installing fireplace mantel are to ensure that the shelf distance is safe from the flames, and usually fireplace mantel is installed five feet off the floor. The most important things that you must pay attention are wherever you want to install fireplace mantel, make sure that it can secure the wood studs and brick surface.

Wood fireplace mantel is greatest idea for you to make changes into any room of your lovely home. Fireplace mantel is available in the market and home furniture store design such as ikea and walmart furniture store. Both of these home furniture stores provide you many kinds of fireplace you need to change the atmosphere in your lovely home being amazing.