Greatest Bay Window Treatments

A bay window should be supported by smart treatments to create a cozy view and comfortable room. There are so many kinds of bay window that you can apply depend on your needs. For example, if you have a bay window sheers and solids in your lovely home design, there lots of great ideas for bay window sheers and solids that you can practice to yours in home. If you want to let ultra violet rays in, but it can still block the view from prying eyes, you can install double curtain rods which can accommodate a sheer stays close with solid panel draperies. It can be opened and closed to block sun light from prying eyes. It is the best finishing on each window inside the bay than you are closing off the entire window bay with a single rod.

Bay window treatments have different treatment depend on the window that you create for. If you have bay window for a café, it is good idea to have fixed curtain rod at the top and the bottom. It will help your room get a cozy casual effect. Another way to treat bay window is using bay window shades. A roll up shade for each bay window is the best option that you have to consider because it will block out light and view. A variety sheers can also filter the lights while doing privacy and protecting from the harmful of ultra violet rays.

That is all bay window treatments that you can do for your great idea. I hope those treatments ideas can help you to treat a bay window of yours. Obtain other great ideas for treating bay window that you will find them only on this site. Make your bay window look more beautiful and more protected from the harmful ultra violet rays.