Fabulous Tuscan Kitchen Design

The characteristic of Tuscan has a homey and earthy atmosphere to your kitchen that will help your design exudes a comfortable space and warmth. Another characteristic of Tuscan kitchen is the wall, the floor, and furnishings have rich colors. If you want to make Tuscan design for kitchen, you have to be able to choose great colors which appropriate to this concept to make your Tuscan design plans get perfect. It also should be supported by Tuscan elements such as natural wood and stucco and also terra cotta. I would like to share how to make an authentic Tuscan design for kitchen ideas. The first one you have to do is choosing a color pallet for walls and the floor. Suitable colors for this Tuscan design are various shades of green, cream, gold and orange. Color washing paint treatments and sponging may be applied to make layered look on walls.

Another Tuscan kitchen design idea that you have to do is to consider of using contrast colors for the walls because it is one of quality kitchens Tuscan. One of your wall kitchens should be painted with cream hue and another one painted with deep red color for example. This awesome combination color will help your kitchen more attractive and also it will influence to another room of your home design. The third one for creating Tuscan design is using warm and mellow lighting. Using yellow and mellow lighting are great idea to apply. The last one is using terra cotta floor tiles.

Those are Tuscan kitchen ideas that can practice to make your kitchen space look homey and bring earthy atmosphere. However, you must have a nice atmosphere for cooking and making breakfast or dinner for your lovely family. Make a comfortable kitchen space by applying Tuscan design for kitchen ideas that I have shared above.