DIY Pendant Lighting to Adore Home

Spend the quality time to think carefully making beautiful DIY decor for your home including having DIY pendant lighting. This idea is very smart and creative, and even you also can force yourself to do it, and set every item and step you need to finish this project for your home. For the amateur designer like you, it will be very confusing where to start, what to make, what to do, and what to prepare. Those are the common basic questions arisen in some forum to answer by the expert in order to help you. Anyway, it will need more time to consider it, but here are the simple ideas about it that hopefully can add ideas to you.

Start your DIY pendant lighting project by selecting the type of lighting you are going to make. To do so, you must enlarge your knowledge about different types of pendant lighting based on its material. Glass, crystal, wood, paper and metal are popular material for pendant lighting shade. But paper lantern or glass shade will be the easiest types of the hanging lighting or pendant lighting ideas you may have. Those are relatively easier to make, especially for paper pendant lighting because even you will only need the glue, measurer, and the scissor and some other simple material.

It will be very easy to have DIY pendant lighting by making jar mason pendant lighting. You can make your own beautiful lighting for both indoor and outdoor area by making the pendant lighting with jar as its shade. The jar could be colored and even clear, and of course it will be very nice to decor your home with the very simple way. Even you can use unneeded bottle in your home to be very cool and fascinating pendant lighting with various colors produced by its chic lighting. Many things you store in the shed or garage even can be used to make DIY pendant lighting, restore many things there and dig your own creativity.